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smartPAL is a fully digitized, web based, mobile compliant, cloud supporting marine digital solutions providing end-to-end solutions to ship managers and ship owners. With smartPAL you can access all your critical data in one place.
MariApps’ flagship product smartPAL is a complete ship management digital solutions plug and play suite which is fully web-based, cloud supported and mobile compliant. We offer customized maritime digital solutions application development, consultancy, data building, application testing, project management.
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Class Certified



Purchase module improves purchase decisions by comparing multiple quotes, using historical data to analyze and seamlessly integrate with vessel systems for requisitions to efficiently evaluate procurement decisions and track each purchase over the full cycle.


eConnect is one of the best vendor procurement platforms in the market  that brings together hundreds of marine vendor’s on a single platform, allowing integration of your purchase system to the vendors procurement platform and seamlessly exchange data.


I2P is our AI driven invoice processing system that scans your invoices, compares it with your POs, good receipt notes, and processes invoices on matches. It allows for minimal human error and reduces significant time spent by your back offices in processing invoices.


Catering provides ship owners and ship managers with extensive onboard catering services including auto-generate provision requisitions. Menu master also collates on-board costs and ensures that the planning is in line within the vessel’s budget.



Maintenance offers a full data library of vessel equipment, spares, and jobs managed in a centralized setup, simplifying moving spares between ships. Certified by DNV GL, Bureau veritas, ABS, LR, CCS.


Dry Dock is a comprehensive drydock processing system, integrating all the processes in drydock for reliable operations.

Data Library

The Data Library module allows you to import data effortlessly remotely from anywhere.

HR & Payroll


Crewing is a ship crew management software that increases the optimization of smoother ship operations and crew deployment.


Payroll complies to international payroll requirements and allows to manage multi-national, multi-currency transactions, and payroll calculations.


Ticketing is a bespoke corporate marine travel module that complements the crewing function to create travel requests and track them from a single platform.

Sea Roster

Sea Roster is a crew management software that manages the requirements onboard for compliance with crew work and rest hour regulations.

New Applicant

New Applicant is robust recruitment application available on web and mobile portal that manages applicant profiles and recruitment processes.

Voyage & Operational


Voyage streamlines data collection and distribution among vessels and also integrates data collection, reporting, and monitoring required for EU MRV and IMO DCS.

Vessel Performance

Performance provides a detailed analysis to compare the performance of individual vessels and helps make smart decisions to optimize fuel usage and adhere  to strict emission regulations.

Insurance & claims

Insurance and Claims module is a comprehensive claims handling, reporting, and operational analysis tool providing reliable and efficient ways to record and process ship management related claims.


Commercial is a module for charterers to manage the entire pre-fixture part of vessel employment. It tracks vessel availability, delivery, and redelivery status with voyage schedules, charterer updates, and results.



LPSQ ensures the compliance requirement of a vessel is taken care. Non-conformities are highlighted to take the appropriate action in ensuring safe and compliant operations.


QDMS is a ship-shore integrated ship safety management module that allows the company to reduce the administrative burden of document management.


Certification module provides a comprehensive and standardized software solution for all certification documents and survey records related to the HSEQ operations of vessels under management.



Accounts is a multinational, multicurrency, and multi company maritime accounting software that covers all activities from the time a vessel enters management till it leaves.


Treasury is a digital enhancement for operations such as loan management, SWAP and cash balance reports.

Financial Reporting

Financial Reporting enables different types for configurations required for LiveFleet including alerts.



LiveFleet helps you achieve higher income at reasonable operating cost with the modules from MariApps fulfilling the needs and demands of business with analytical tiles and interactive reports, smartPAL offers shore specific modules providing operational information to owners and stakeholders.

Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence

Our BI offers more than just reports and dashboards, it provides real actionable insights that show how powerful your data can be to help you in decision making. An intelligent decision support framework designed by MariApps offering advanced analytical tools to monitor and showcase trends. Track process efficiency, identify bottlenecks, and implement changes.