Marine Procurement Software for complete maritime purchase cycle

smartPAL’s Marine Procurement software gives a complete spectrum of services from requisition to payment of invoices, to manage vendors, vendor catalogs, supply contracts, inventory control, and more. It has reports to give an overall perspective of expenditure and purchase transactions across the fleet. It is integrated with other modules facilitating processes such as invoice and disbursement approval, payments, voyage related details, etc.

It offers an interactive user interface that further simplifies procurement processes for ship owners and managers. smartPAL’s Marine Procurement software for ships reduces sourcing time, increases efficiency, and provides transparency of transactions to the vessels.


Marine Procurement Software

Data and activity based dashboard
Management of expenses against vessel budgets
Vendor management
Catalog management
Supply contract management
Inventory and stock control for all categories and spare parts through integration with maintenance module

Maritime procurement software

Approval of invoices and disbursements through integration with Accounting system
Effortless Workflow configuration and settings for approval of orders, invoices, and disbursements with smartPAL’s Marine procurement software.
Processing all transactions through web-based eCommerce platform – eConnect
Logistics – Issuing of dispatch orders. Tracking of orders and goods delivery to warehouse and vessel
Feasibility of centralized procurement for selected categories
Various operational reports