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Maritime Business Intelligence

An intelligent decision support framework designed by MariApps and is powered with cutting-edge analytical tools

Our maritime Business Intelligence (BI) module is powered by intelligent analytical tools that scan, monitor, and showcase trends of the near real-time data. Users can share parameterized reports effortlessly with external clients and stakeholders. The application improves and optimizes the overall performance of the modules across the board by providing near real-time information and figures for each task. Monitor trends over time for historical data. Additional features include the ability to track process efficiency, identify bottlenecks, and implement changes. Data helps businesses to improve and optimize overall performance with a significant reduction in unnecessary costs.

maritime business intelligence
maritime business intelligence

Key features of smartPAL’s maritime business intelligence

Empowered with dynamic dashboards and detailed reports to ease the decision-making process
Merges data from multiple sources for hassle-free report generation
Meets future targets with predictive analysis
Saves on costs and has better pricing insights