The PAL team proved to be unequivocally valuable, and we consider the PAL software an asset to our organization.

The PAL team proved to be unequivocally valuable resolving both minor technical issues and operational matters which occurred. During the implementation phase of the ERP they were on call to fix any kinks or modify and further elements which arose. They stayed in daily contact with us followed a time-table which suited our business operations. Refresh training sessions were conducted at request. We are now currently in the phase of Vessel implementation and consider the PAL software an asset to our Organization.

Capt. Nikiforos P. Stouraitis
COO, Polembros Shipping Limited


After opting for smartPAL as our shipping software, our team has benefited greatly

MariApps has worked with the technical team in Dubai as well as the crew management center in Mumbai and have impressed Tomini by the professionalism and values each member of the team demonstrates - their people and crew as well as better outcomes for their clients are integral and central to everything they do. PAL is considered one of the most user friendly and robust tools which covers the A to Z of operations. PAL has brought huge efficiencies in our daily work and we are able to expand on our fleet without investing more in additional people. The service quality from the MariApps local and remote teams stand apart.

Numair Shaikh
Head of Shipping, Tomini Shipping


" The MariApps team has the right 'can do' attitude and I look forward to continue working with them."

The MariApps Team with their smartPAL web solution, has introduced tangible efficiencies and brought a fresh approach to IT systems we use daily. With smartPAL Dashboards and LiveFleet application, I can now get the information that I need, any time, with a focus on the data that is relevant to me. smartPAL system is used in all our global offices, and has put critical information in just a click away. Now I don’t have to wait anymore for a long time to get inconsistent management reports, and can concentrate on analyzing the financial and operational performance of our world wide operations.

CFO Bernhard Schulte


"smartPAL has helped us significantly improve communication between us and our clients"

By functioning on a single order, with all essential passenger information included, it interfaces with the clients HR systems and minimizes the risk of inaccurate entries. The system tracks all historical correspondence between the agent and the client. It provides further access to all team members from both sides and it is highly responsive – a key factor on a real time communications tool. Additionally, the function of creating customer profiles is very useful along with the reporting capabilities.

Eurasia Travel Network, Cyprus


"smartPAL covers functional areas of ship management. MariApps innovates on the product and brings stability to our work across the global offices."

smartPAL has currently 30 modules in our global offices and 450 vessels, covering all functional areas of shipmanagement. BSM has successfully integrated all our processes under the smartPAL umbrella. We have offices in 30 countries and support from the MariApps team round the clock has been impressive. smartPAL solutions has also assisted us in achieving significant data quality improvements. We now enjoy a seamless data flow between our offices and vessels. Thanks to smartPAL system, now BSM is able to provide their customers financial & operational reports through LiveFleet application dashboards, thereby promoting full transparency of the operations.

COO, Bernhard Schulte Shipmanagement

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