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Comprehensive maritime digital solutions


MariApps is founded upon the core principles of integrity, honesty, passion, and unwavering dedication. Our primary objective is to enhance our clients’ experiences through seamlessly integrated maritime digital solutions.

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MariApps is your go-to digital solutions partner.

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Our solutions support leading maritime companies, in transforming their business, driving them towards sustainability and increasing operational profits.


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MariApps’ flagship product, smartPAL, is a comprehensive suite of web-based, cloud-supported, and mobile-compliant maritime digital solutions. With over 40 modules, smartPAL enables users to streamline vessel operations, enhance decision-making processes, and optimize overall operational performance.

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smartPAL ship management software


MariApps Marine Solutions, OnboarD Software, and Rescompany Systems leverage their global reach, skilled professionals, and combined expertise to develop and implement maritime digital solutions. This competitive advantage positions cruisePAL as a first-of-it’s-kind cruise digital solution suite, providing significant value to clients seeking innovative cruise management. cruisePAL represents a significant advancement in digital cruise solutions, offering a comprehensive suite of software tailored to meet the evolving needs of operators and passengers alike. Its integration of modules from industry-leading companies underscores its potential to drive efficiency and innovation in cruise operations.

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smartPAL Offshore

smartPAL Offshore by MariApps Marine Solutions is a comprehensive system designed to enhance efficiency and streamline operations specifically for the offshore industry. It offers robust maintenance management capabilities, including planned, critical, and corrective maintenance tracking, and provides detailed work order and equipment identification features. The system also includes advanced materials and spare parts management, ensuring warranty tracking and efficient inventory management. Procurement modules facilitate seamless handling of purchase requisitions and deliveries, while the Quality Document Management System (QDMS) enhances document control and reporting. Finance modules cater to offshore-specific financial operations, including revenue recognition and customized reporting. Additionally, the HR Shore Module manages shore staff details and integrates with Accounts PAL for smooth operations. The Sales & Projects Module supports the entire sales cycle and project management with integrated dashboards and reporting.

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Web-based eCommerce platform

eConnect is a comprehensive web-based eCommerce platform for the maritime industry, designed to streamline marine procurement transactions. It offers seamless collaboration between buyers and vendors, managing vendor profiles, inquiries, quotes, orders, and invoice registration. eConnect provides real-time updates, alerts, and logistics tracking, ensuring transparency and efficiency. Integration capabilities allow seamless data flow between buyer and vendor systems, enhancing service quality and procurement efficiency.

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At MariApps, we are committed to sustainability and environmental responsibility. Our solutions smartOps and smartLogs are designed to help maritime businesses reduce their carbon footprint, optimize fuel consumption, and comply with international environmental regulations, contributing to a cleaner and greener future for the industry.

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OceanAI is poised to revolutionize the maritime industry. By harnessing the potential of AI-driven solutions, we strive to contribute to a more prosperous and environmentally responsible future for the maritime industry and the global economy, empowering our clients to operate their fleets more efficiently and sustainably.

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