Sail with us in the digital journey that is sweeping through the marine industry.


Cloud Digital solutions

The most modern cloud based digital solution available today. Automation of all shipping processes, end to end and enabling real time decision making

invoice automation

Machine learning your invoice templates and automating invoice processing thus enabling end to end Invoice processing at ease

Chatbot support

Simplified interactions within smartPAL by real time chat assist. We limit calls to our support center as the Intelligent Chatbot takes care of  most of your requests

Mobile Apps

Decision making and real time information on the move. Our Mobile App team ensures you have the best possible apps for the maritime industry.

Data Migration

Migrate from any legacy system to smartPAL in no time.

vessel data sensors

Automate noon reports, do predictive maintenance through our voyage and maintenance modules by integration with onboard telemetry

The company with global presence, rich heritage and expertise, MariApps smartPAL is implemented on over 600 vessels managed by BSM.
Being the right technology partner to keep pace with customer expectations and operational efficiency.

Breakthrough technologies. Anchored by Trust.

Stay ahead of the waves with the complete and comprehensive maritime Digital solutions

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