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Ship safety management system –  HSEQ/LPSQ

A completely integrated ship safety management system that supports all operational and administrative workflows in the maritime industry. This module ensures your ship complies with regulatory requirements, and alerts you to non-conformities from audits, near misses, inspections, or accidents so they can be remediated before an accident happens onboard your vessel. The HSEQ modules enable tracking of inspection attendance as well as toolbox meetings and safe drilling participation by crew members on board ships globally.

smartPAL HSEQ software helps to eliminate the administrative load of relevant shipping industry regulations, classification rules, vetting inspections, or Port State Control. The ship management system also assists in ensuring quality, safety, and adherence to relevant rules and regulations.  Experts in HSEQ require expert ship safety management systems to support compliance and beyond, ensuring effective and efficient day-to-day work procedures.

ship safety management system periodical review
ship safety management system audit check list

Safety Management Software for Ships – HSEQ

Our ship safety management system provides a comprehensive set of reporting and dashboard tools for audit and inspection follow-ups, monitoring, and analysis.
Near miss or accident reporting by vessel and effortless follow-up within the system
Monitoring and follow-up of findings & NC’s till closure and action by both office and vessel
Identify and assess findings/NC with root cause analysis

Using smartPAL ship safety management system HSEQ you can:

Audit & Inspection Planner – scheduling and control inspection, vessel visit and audit activities across the fleet and the company
Efficiently manage ship safety and management meetings and drills.
Questionnaire bank based on industry (SIRE/CDI VIQ etc.) and customizable requirement, flexible in structuring for different reporting purpose
ship safety management system questions set

Our ship safety management software system assists in identifying and closing gaps in the International Safety Management (ISM) Code to ensure a strong Safety Management System (SMS). Safety procedures and manuals for your fleet are entered into the integrated QDMS module, allowing the management team to ensure that fleet vessels are comprehensively managed and specified requirements are met, with proactive maintenance.

smartPAL is comprised of processes that identify the root cause of incidents in order to take appropriate corrective and preventive actions. Our comprehensive risk assessment can assist you in analyzing risks and ensuring that all hazards are considered at all levels of management.

MSA (TMSA, OVMSA or MTMSA) in HSEQ module of smartPAL

Capture elemental data for Management Self Assessment (MSA) programs, record data entered to Audit and Inspection (shore) sub-module, and access through the central database. The smartPAL suite promotes and ensures vessel safety and compliance, giving you a competitive advantage in the industry.

To find out more about managing MSA (TMSA, OVMSA, or MTMSA) programs within smartPAL,

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MSA – Management Self-Assessment

OCIMF created these four management and self-assessment programs to help organizations audit, assess, and measure their management systems against benchmarked best practices, safety, and pollution norms.

TMSA – The Tanker Management and Self-Assessment
OVMSA – The Offshore Vessel Management and Self-Assessment
MTMSA – The Marine Terminal Management and Self-Assessment
STS Provider Management and Self-Assessment Guide

Benefits of MSA

Helps enhance and raise safety management system standards [SMS]
Helps implement a preventive maintenance approach
Assists in continuous improvement of safety management
Reduces breakdowns, delays, and incidents
Minimizes insurance costs

Other Products



QDMS is a ship-shore integrated ship safety management module that allows the company to reduce the administrative burden of document management.



Certification module provides a comprehensive and standardized software solution for all certification documents and survey records related to the HSEQ operations of vessels under management.