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What our partners say about us

“A world class maritime software with dedicated and highly skilled professionals. The attention to detail and user friendly functionalities are much needed on a daily basis”

Imran Ahmed, CEO, Binfer


MariApps, a leading provider of marine digital solutions, strengthens its relationship with Microsoft

Independent Software Vendor (ISV)

MariApps strengthened its relationship with Microsoft and transitioned to being an independent software vendor (ISV). MariApps began as a Silver Application Development Partner in 2012, upgraded to a Gold Partner in 2013 and has been upholding the partnership requirements ever since.

MariApps strengthens its relationship with Binfer

Efficient and secure point-to-point replication

MariApps monitors and regulates their clients’ data transfers using Binfer. Binfer is utilized for PAL Replication as emails have a 1MB/5MB size limit, as well as for transferring VDR data, which is approximately 20GB per vessel. Binfer’s direct device connection data sharing ensures that data is never stored, transferred, or uploaded to third-party servers. This direct transfer protocol guarantees that files of any size or type can be securely transferred in half the time it takes on other cloud-based platforms.

Cruise Hospitality Digital Solutions

A leading provider of hospitality sector software solutions and services with a specialization in the global cruise market. Provides top-of-the-line shipboard and management services for their mission-critical systems to international travel agencies and cruise ships.

Digital Cruise Solutions

Offers cruise operators with a 360-degree insight of operations onboard and consumer interactions by providing ship-to-shore software solutions and web apps.

Rescompany provides solutions that give small and medium-sized business owners access to the same competitive tools that major organizations have while maintaining systems at a level that is simple to maintain, economical, and resource-efficient.

Rawabi Holding

The ability of Rawabi Holding to integrate offshore market intelligence with innovative products and services is unmatched.

Rawabi Holding evolved from a trading legacy to a multinational company. Rooted in the region, Rawabi Holding has extensive expertise in understanding and anticipating market dynamics.