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Ship crew management software system

Efficient crew management made easy

Simplify crew scheduling, certification tracking, and payroll management with smartPAL by MariApps. Stay compliant and optimize crew operations.

Our integrated ship crew management software streamlines and enhances the entire crewing process, enabeling shipping companies with seamless communication between onshore staff and seafarers. Access a centralized and cloud-based seafarer data and activity management platform.

smartPAL crewing software provides real-time updates on seafarer activities and information that includes crew planning, crew training, deployment, and wage scales. Seafarer data updates are available at any given time, fostering efficient coordination and collaboration for all stakeholders to ensure an overall professional and informed operational environment.

Ship Crew Management Software

Unlock efficiency with smartPAL’s ship crew management system for seamless crew deployment

Finding and retaining qualified crew members can be challenging. Many shipping companies are now reclaiming control over crewing processes while maintaining global collaboration with marine crew agencies. Our software simplifies ship crew deployment, promoting efficiency and transparency in the maritime workforce by centralizing critical aspects.

smartPAL Crewing offers a range of features for managing various aspects of employee related tasks such as contracts, crew payroll, crew competence management, documents, training, claims, expenses, and monitoring for salaried and fee-based employees. Our crew portal facilitate management of crew work and rest hours while ensuring compliance with rest hours regulations.

Unlock efficiency, enhance coordination, and navigate operational excellence with smartPAL’s unparalleled integration capabilities. You can easily share and synchronize data across different functions, improving efficiency in managing vessel crew operations.

Ship Crew Management Software dashboard

Key features of smartPAL ship crew management software

Convenient ship crew management software, providing access to team data in real-time, from any location at any moment, receive instant updates on your crew’s status on a user-friendly, cloud-based software. Available on your mobile devices to stay connected on-the-go.
smartPAL’s vessel crew management software connects with various modules such as TicketingSea RosterPayrollNew Applicant, and Seafarer Portal. Additionally, it integrates with smartOps, Purchase, Accounts, Insurance, and Catering.
smartPAL ship crew management software enables access to personalized dashboards, providing accurate analysis of crew pools statistics and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). Enhances decision-making capabilities with valuable insights into crew performance and overall operational efficiency.
Our digital platform enhance maritime operations with informed decision-making on crew planning, availability, assignments, competence, and related aspects. Elevate ship crew management efficiency through strategic decision support with smartPAL ship crew management software.
Thoroughly review documents, evaluate experience matrices, coordinate logistics, and offer extra features for pre-joining crew members. Optimize your crew onboarding process with meticulous attention to detail.
Ship Crew Management Software relievers

With the smartPAL Ship crew management software system, you can:

Gain access to extensive graphical planning tools for seafarers in alignment with vessel requirement documentation checks. Easily select crew members based on management requirements and owner specifications. Explore our comprehensive ship crew management software for efficient crew management.
Effortlessly manage and streamline crew-related data processing with OCIMF, 088, and other integrated systems for enhanced operational efficiency.
Discover the Graphical Planner module in our ship crew management software for effective resource forecasting and seafarer scheduling. Plan and adjust seafarer schedules effortlessly with a user-friendly drag-and-drop feature. Optimize your crew operations with our intuitive planning tool.
Tailor workflow-driven approval cycles to suit your needs. Optimize your processes and customize approval workflows.
Improve efficiency and coordination with smartPAL’s integration features. Easily share and sync data between modules to enhance vessel crew management.
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Other modules of our ship crew management software



The system can process payroll for employees in different countries by managing multi-national transactions. This ensures that we pay employees accurately and on time, regardless of their location.



The Ticketing module helps manage crew travel by planning, scheduling, and tracking travel requests for crew members. It integrates smoothly with the crewing function and travel agents providing a centralized platform for easy use.



Catering provides ship owners and ship managers with extensive onboard catering services including auto-generated provision requisitions. Menu master also collates onboard costs and ensures that the planning is in line within the vessel’s budget.

New Applicant

New Applicant

The Ticketing module helps manage crew travel by planning, scheduling, and tracking travel requests for crew members. It integrates smoothly with the crewing function, providing a centralized platform for easy use.