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Maritime insurance claim software

Providing organized marine insurance and claims handling, reporting, and analysis for vessel and crew.

smartPAL’s maritime insurance claim software is a comprehensive marine claims handling, reporting, and operational analysis tool that protects your cargo from vessel to shore. This module provides a reliable and efficient way to record and process all types of ship management-related claims. Review claims, approvals, and claim process status control options within the module for users to adhere to a standardized claim handling procedure office-wide. Integrates seamlessly with Accounts to derive outstanding claim amounts instantly, and generate claims or statements to process in a short time.

Key features of smartPAL’s maritime insurance claim software

Creating policy settings
Management of Incident details
Expenditures & payments management
Claim statements & covering letter generation
Identifying non-accepted items/ cost
Day-to-day claims process status update
Claim review & approval
Multiple reports to analyse data
Multi-company and user friendly

Other Products

Vessel Performance


smartOps provides a detailed analysis to compare the performance of individual vessels and helps make smart decisions to optimize fuel usage and adhere to strict emission regulations.



Commercial is a module for charterers to manage the entire pre-fixture part of vessel employment. It tracks vessel availability, delivery, and redelivery status with voyage schedules, charterer updates, and results.