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Effortlessly track and reduce your vessel’s carbon emissions

Ocean Opt is dedicated to revolutionizing emissions management in the shipping industry with its comprehensive suite of services. By empowering ship owners, managers, and charterers with user-friendly emission compliance tools and expert consulting services, Ocean Opt ensures seamless and hassle-free emissions compliance.



Performance Analysis Advisory


Retrofit and Optimization Studies


EEXI and Emission Compliance Support


Fuel EU Advisory

We ensure reliable emissions data through stringent verification protocols, meeting regulatory standards and continuously refining processes to stay ahead of industry requirements.

Our specialized team optimizes your data quality practices, offering support for monitoring, reporting, and improving emission reduction strategies.

We ensure timely submission and verification of data, delivering voyage and monthly statements to maintain compliance with Charter Party agreements and regulatory requirements.

We offer a sophisticated system for managing emission data and allowance obligations, streamlining the issuance of emission statements, declarations, and invoices. Our meticulous process monitors receivables and emission allowances purchases, ensuring accurate allocation to specific voyages. Our dedicated team assists in navigating the complexities of the EU ETS, providing comprehensive insights and guidance as regulations evolve.

Leveraging our extensive network within the EU Emissions Trading System (ETS), we facilitate emission allowance trading by connecting you with potential vendors and traders. Our expertise guides you through essential preparations for future inquiries and obligations, helping you navigate and execute strategies based on your commercial needs for seamless implementation.

Our team offers comprehensive administration and management for trading and maritime operator accounts, acting as authorized representatives. We handle transactions on your behalf, minimizing your direct involvement and maintaining efficient communication by requiring client approval only at the final stage.

Our team provides expert guidance on EU ETS implementation, offering crucial insights and advice to ensure compliance. We help align your strategies with regulatory requirements, stay updated on developments, and advocate for best practices to facilitate seamless compliance.

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