Monitor and evaluate vessel performance in Voyage with detailed analytical reports

Performance of a vessel becomes an important issue in shipping due ever-increasing fuel prices and the strict regulations in emissions by different governing authorities. It becomes imperative that, besides monitoring the vessel performance, a detailed analysis is required to compare the performance of individual vessels and arrive at conclusions.

Hull and Propeller Analysis
Main Engine Auxiliary engine analysis
Lubricating oil Analysis (upcoming features)- Lubricant Oil (LO) quality evaluation and thus eventually increase machinery reliability through maintenance events forecasting.
Fuel Treatment and Drain Oil analysis (upcoming features)- Fuel Oil (FO) quality evaluation and Prediction of future maintenance events
Machinery Maintenance analysis (upcoming features)- Original equipment manufacturers (OEM) evaluation and benchmarking and maintenance events forecasting.
Cargo Conditioning (upcoming features) – which will guide efficient cargo handling patterns across the fleet.
Coolant & Boiler Water analysis (upcoming features) – Benchmarking across sister vessels and same equipment types and prediction of future maintenance events.
Electrical Power Management analysis (upcoming features) – Guidance for an efficient operation of the Auxiliary Engines.