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Ship Document Management System

HSEQ operations of vessels with quality documentation, survey records, and data.

QDMS is a ship-shore integrated ship safety management module that streamlines document management. This module was designed to minimize administrative workload and promote the implementation of efficient HSEQ policies across the fleet and organization. Enhance safety and efficiency in vessel operations by integrating with HSEQ‘s ship safety management module.

Ship Document Management System

Top Features of Our Ship Document Management System

Flexible structure to suit ship document management needs of shipping companies regardless of their size or geographical presence
Supports all internal and external document types such as policies, procedures, forms, manuals, and safety advisory notes
Revision control mechanism can be set for efficient workflow for document creation, revision, review, approval, and publishing
Full document management control throughout the documents’ lifespan e.g. version control, and archiving
Facilitates the transfer of files from ship to shore with a built-in document replication feature, resulting in substantial savings associated with data communication

Key Advantages of Our Ship Document Management System

Perform document comparison to compare previous versions of uploaded files against revised versions
Document mapping can be done against each company and vessel
Configure folder access on a per-role basis, with the additional option to generate a list of all users when required
Generate status lists of documents that indicate whether they are in draft, publish, or archive state.
View lists of documents mapped under each vessel or various vessel types
Get notified about documents that are nearing their expiry dates (policies, contracts, and more)

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