HSEQ operations of vessels with quality documentation, survey records, and data.

QDMS is a ship-shore integrated ship safety management module that allows the company to reduce the administrative burden of document management. The system provides shipping companies the mechanism to establish and implement common efficient HSEQ policies and operating procedures, distribute best practices across the fleet and organization. The ship safety management module enhances safe and efficient operation on the vessels.

Flexible structure to suit document management needs for various sizes of shipping company, with global or local offices.
Supports all document types – policies, procedures, forms, manuals, safety advisory notes etc. internal or external documents.
Revision control mechanism can be set for efficient workflow for document creation, revision, review, approval, and publishing.
Full document management control throughout the documents’ lifespan e.g. version control, and archiving.
Inbuilt document replication mechanism, to transfer files from ship to shore. Which considerably reduces the data communication cost.
Document comparison can be done, to compare the revised and previous versions of files uploaded
Document mapping can be done against each company and vessel
Folder access can be set against each role and it can generate list of all users if needed
Status list of documents which are in draft, publish, and archive can be generated.
List of documents mapped under each vessel or various vessel types can be viewed
Due list – notification will be shown on documents those are nearing the expiry dates (policies, contracts, etc.)

Other Products



LPSQ ensures the compliance requirement of a vessel is tended to Non-conformities are highlighted to take the appropriate action in ensuring safe and compliant operations.



Certification module provides a comprehensive and standardized software solution for all certification documents and survey records related to the HSEQ operations of vessels under management.