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Ship certificate management software

MariApps’ Marine Quality and Safety Management System allows quick access to your survey records and certification documents

Our ship certificate management software system provides complete integrity management and standardized marine quality and ship safety management solution for all certification documents and survey records related to the Safety Management System (SMS) operations of vessels.

smartPAL ‘s certificate management module provides a one-solution to the maritime industry to ensure certification of each vessel type and/or flag is up to date, allowing ship managers to closely monitor and follow up on the operational and compliance status of their vessels for regulatory body and class requirements.

Efficient and imperative monitoring of certification and other ship-specific documents are color-coded to ensure proper organization and required actions. Create pre-defined ship certification and link it to each ship based on its type, and set alerts before renewals and due dates for inspections through customizable built-in reminders.

ship certificate management software
ship certificate management software system

Key Features of smartPAL Ship certificate Management Software

A web-based fleet management software to seamlessly connect offices and vessels
Fully secure application that requires user privileges to access
No limitations on certificates, allowing the user to add multiple certificates to the vessels and the other class requirements
Dashboard-based, one-stop automated alert system, presented through a dashboard interface that can be used to notify users when certificates for vessels are nearing their expiration dates
Certificates and surveys are assigned color-coded statuses to indicate the urgency of action required. Red denotes immediate action is required, orange denotes action is required within a month, and yellow denotes action is needed within two months
Keeps track and prompts users about the agreement of any documents such as the condition of class, dispensations, attestations, exemptions, and memoranda
Manage fleet certificates and surveys using an effective Renewal Mechanism that ensures all equipment, class, safety, and other certificates are renewed in a timely and efficient manner
Enable the categorization of certification based on criteria such as class, safety, flag state, or according to specific needs of both the company and ships
Authority flexibility supports special arrangements to be specified for crew management while updating certification records
The Reporting System helps report all certificates associated by ship, category, certificate type, and expiry date

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