Efficient Ship Safety Management System.

It is a complete integrated system that covers all aspect to support operational and administrative functions. smartPAL LPSQ module covers all aspects of ship safety management process. It ensure the compliance requirement of a vessel is taken care. Non-conformities from audits, near misses, inspections, accidents, work orders etc. are highlighted to take action.

LPSQ – Ship Safety Management System

Provides a rich set of reporting and dashboard tool for audit and inspection follow-up, monitoring and analysis.
Near Miss/Accident reporting by vessel and follow-up within the system
Monitoring & follow-up of findings & NC’s till closure and action by both office & vessel
Identify and assess findings/NC with root cause analysis
A rich set of reporting’s and dashboard tool for analysis, monitoring and management controls

Audit & Inspection Planner

Audit & Inspection Planner – scheduling and control inspection, vessel visit and audit activities across the fleet and the company
Manage Safety and Management Meetings and Drills.
Questionnaire bank based on industry (SIRE/CDI VIQ etc.) and customizable requirement, flexible in structuring for different reporting purpose