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MariApps Marine Solutions: Revolutionizing Maritime Operations with smartPAL Ship Management ERP

A member of Schulte Group, MariApps Marine Solutions is a pioneer in providing ship management ERP to the maritime industry. MariApps’ flagship product smartPAL is a complete maritime digital solution, fully web-based, cloud-supported, and mobile compliant, targeting ship managers and ship owners. smartPAL covers all ship management and ship-owning functions including Crewing, Payroll, Planned Maintenance, Procurement, Finance, HSEQ, Catering, Voyage, Dry Dock, Document Management, Commercial, and Insurance in a single integrated solution and comes with standard interfacing to leading banks, travel systems and major vendors.

MariApps is not only a solutions provider but also comes as a digital partner, sharing expertise in digital solutions, cloud, and mobile apps gained with clients over several years in the maritime industry. The team brings in a variety of skilled resources, including business analysts, project managers, marine engineers, nautical officers, and strong technical leaders who are part of a 450+ team in India, Singapore, Cyprus, UAE, France, and Germany to develop, implement, and support its software. The company offers customized maritime digital solutions development, project management consultancy, PMS data building, crewing data migration, organizational change management, communication planning, solution testing, implementation, and a lot more for maritime digital needs.

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Navigating Efficiency: MariApps’ smartPAL Maritime ERP Unveiled

MariApps is committed to developing the best solutions for the maritime industry. The first-of-its-kind app allows users to track vessels, and fetch real-time finance, performance, and operational data to facilitate decision-making processes easier, reduce operational risk and maximize uptime. Steering towards a digital future has never been easier.

The leading-edge maritime software from MariApps smartPAL is vast and versatile. The flagship maritime ERP is the right choice for all ship management and ship-owning needs. Aiding maritime personnel systems, stakeholders, and managers with resources management, automated procurement, finance modules and offering timely purchase to PO cycle, efficient invoice processing with automated bots, complete voyage performance analysis, commercial details, in-depth intelligence, and analytical reports on all the transactions, processes and day to day business.

Empowering Maritime Operations with MariApps’ flagship product smartPAL Ship Management ERP

smartPAL is a fully digitized, web-based, mobile-compliant, cloud-supporting marine ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) providing end-to-end solutions to ship managers and ship owners. With smartPAL one can access all the critical data in one place. MariApps’ flagship product smartPAL is a complete marine ERP plug-and-play suite that is fully web-based, cloud-supported, and mobile-compliant. The company offers customized maritime application development, consultancy, data building, application testing, and project management that can operate in all browsers like IE, Chrome, Firefox, and Safari and on all platforms including mobile, tablet, and desktop.

Sankar Ragavan , The Visionary Leader 

With his towering personality and his greatest vision and enthusiasm for a world-leading maritime ERP, Sankar RagavanCEO of MariApps, introduced smartPAL to the not-so-IT adaptive maritime domain. The launch of smartPAL to the industry was an opportunity to learn and identify the scope, compatibility and acceptance in the market. Currently running with the 4th version, the ERP has improved aesthetically improved user interface, dynamic workflow, and automated functionalities, smartPAL has set the momentum for innovation by being the disruptive digital solutions technology.

Sankar with his more than a biennium experience in the IT and technology industry, the right knowledge, and domain expertise understood that smartPAL has a long way to go, the opportunities are huge and yet to be seized. With the expertise gained from the Bernhard Schulte legacy, smartPAL was successfully implemented on 600 vessels managed by BSM, for Crewing and Technical management.

MariApps: Pioneering Maritime Digital Solutions in Maritime Since 2014

Since its inception in 2014, MariApps has been focused on providing end-to-end digital ship-owning and ship management solutions to the maritime industry. With offices in India, Germany, and Cyprus, MariApps is a Microsoft Gold Certified Development Partner and has also been certified by Deloitte with ISAE 3402 ¬ Type 2 certification for enterprise standard development and operating framework readiness to deliver systems.

Thanks to its collaboration with more than 15 leading companies across the planet, MariApps deploys continuous R&D processes to cater to fully integrated ship management ERP that is built on innovative technologies and hosted on mobile as well as web platforms. “MariApps has created history in this segment by being the first of its kind to introduce mobile applications for the shipping world,” affirms Sankar Ragavan, CEO, of MariApps Marine Solutions. “Leveraging the technical expertise of our talented pool of mobile developers, we have built marine applications that can run on various mobile platforms such as Android, Windows, and iOS, thereby equipping customers with the power to make decisions anywhere and anytime,” he goes on to elaborate. MariApps’ expansive portfolio of offerings includes Marine Application Development, Mobile Application Development, Project Management and IT consulting, Business Intelligence, and MariApps Innovation Hub.

Bringing Fresh Approach to the Table 

According to MariApps, today’s growing businesses demand solutions that are designed with a fresh approach to existing IT systems, to bring tangible operational efficiencies to their users. With cost savings and efficiency gains being the primary criteria while selecting a solution, organizations need technology partners that can understand their exact requirements and deliver quality systems with much more promptness. Meeting this need, MariApps leverages the opportunity to develop ERP applications for the non-IT familiar shipping industry, to bring its flagship product – MariApps smartPAL.

As a complete ship management ERP suite that is targeted at ship managers and ship owners, MariApps smartPAL is a web-based, Cloud supported, Mobile compliant ERP framework that covers all functionalities of ship management operations including Crewing, Accounts, Purchase, Planned Maintenance, Payroll, Voyage, Insurance, Dry-dock and New Building. With customizable dashboards, mobile applications, fleet management and well-integrated ship-owning and ship management modules; MariApps smartPAL facilitates mobile ship owners and managers with critical data in real-time, thereby improving the efficiency, decision-making processes and the operational performance of their management teams’ worldwide operations.

LiveFleet : MariApps’ Real-Time Vessel Insights for Ship Owners

Furthermore, MariApps also caters to Fleet Management with Live Fleet, a module exclusively designed to help ship owners access all the vessel information in real time. This module facilitates ship owners with all the key parameters associated with vessel tracking, such as voyage and performance information, tracking of vessel position, and the speed of the vessel at any moment, on mobile and web portals. Livefleet also acts as a single point of data access for the owners, allowing them to make faster decisions and eliminating the maintenance requirement of various spreadsheets, thereby saving time and money for its users.

MariApps has developed its technology Innovation Hub, for the development of newer technologies like Big data (using Power BI), IoT, blockchain, Augmented Reality (AR), etc.

The Modern Cloud-Based Maritime Digital Solution 

According to the company, smartPAL ship management ERP from MariApps is the most modern cloud-based digital solution available currently. This system automates all shipping processes, end to end with real-time decision-making. MariApps also provides  data migration facility and the user can migrate data to the system for any legacy systems.

MariApps develops a very efficient application for cyber security named MaxV, which basically protects the vessel systems and data from Digital attacks. Be it any malicious software or application aimed at interrupting the business process or destroying information, innovative and cybersafe solutions from MariApps help its clients to monitor all the information and data transfer in the system.

The best part is, MariApps Marine Solutions is a young and passionate company, committed to development of the best ship management ERP for the marine industry. Follows leading project management standards (PMI) to execute projects and the dedicated Project Management Office (PMO) manage projects for various customers.

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