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MariApps’ Maritime
Electronic Record Books –

MariApps assists ship owners and managers move towards transparent and sustainable operational efficiency through maritime electronic record books software.
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smartPAL’S Electronic Record Books


MariApps’ Maritime Electronic Record Books

eRBooks is designed to replace traditional paper-based record books and is equipped with a local browser-based application for onboard users. Recorded data is communicated to the shore offices simultaneously. Each electronic record book is developed as an independent sub-module in the eRBooks offerings, which can also be interfaced with existing smartPAL modules.

This digital record book system is developed to comply with MARPOL, IMO resolution MEPC.312(74), as well as all the other relevant requirements.

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Mariapps’ electronic record books alleviates the administrative burden
and hassle of paperwork. Increasing transparency, credibility, and
reducing pollution-related critical vessel operations.

Oil Record Book Part 1 (ORB Part 1)
Emission Record Book (Annex VI)
Ballast Water Record Book
Garbage Record Book Part 2 (GRB Part 2)
MARPOL Seal Logs
Oil Record Book Part 2 (ORB Part 2)
Cargo Record Book 1 (Noxious liquid substances in bulk)
Garbage Record Book Part 1 (GRB Part 1)
Biofouling Record Book

Automate your onboard maritime records and logs. Comply with international laws and regulations, adapt to tamperproof, non-editable digital record-keeping with eRBooks.

MARPOL‘s requirements

Compliance with MARPOL & IMO

The International Convention for the Prevention of Pollution from Ships – MARPOL is the main international convention covering the prevention of pollution of the marine environment by ships from operational or accidental causes and currently includes six annexes. Regulations in these annexes require ship staff to maintain records of various operations.

The benefits of electronic record books are that they will alleviate the administrative burden and hassle that comes with paperwork. Most importantly, having the electronic record books will increase transparency, credibility, and traceability of pollution-related critical operations of the ship.

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MariApps’ Electronic Record Books are type approved by Bureau Veritas and ClassNK. eRBooks facilitates accurate digital entries that comply with IMO RESOLUTION MEPC.312(74), MARPOL regulations, and Flag State requirements.

Type Approval

Flag Approval Received

Marshall Islands
Isle of Man
Hong Kong

Why eRBooks is preferred by mainstream shipowners
and ship managers across the globe ?

Highly scalable and supports all vessel types
Designed to comply with IMO, MARPOL, and other relevant requirements
Accessible on desktops & tablet devices
Wide variety of record-keeping
Expert implementation & support
Easy to use with the most accurate logging
Secure and encrypted data