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Vessel Monitoring Software System

Take instant actions with live fleet tracking reports and interactive dashboards

Our vessel monitoring software system features a central platform that delivers near real-time information to ship owners and customers around the clock from any location. LiveFleet aims to enhance workflow ensuring transparency in line with business processes and vessel management services covering all aspects of vessel management including Crewing, Technical, PMS, Finance/Budget, and Operations. Ship owners and ship managers have access to online information that facilitates efficient decision-making.

Vessel Monitoring Software System livefleet overview
Vessel Monitoring Software System livefleet Hire income

Top Features of Our Vessel Monitoring Software System – LiveFleet

Details on vessel, performance, and fuel optimization
Track and monitor vessel position, including the current speed of the vessel anywhere, anytime.
Utilize a single point of data access for owners, eliminating the maintenance requirement of additional spreadsheets.
Users can give leave comments and get customized reports as required.
Access vessel certificates, related survey status and documents.

Key Advantages of Our Vessel Monitoring Software System – LiveFleet

Operational reports.
Comments feature available on all reports, reducing unnecessary email exchange on clarifications or questions.
Receive email notifications on new comments and published reports.
Customizable to owners’ requirements.
Vessel Tracker – position tracking (current and past) and information on Bing maps.
Vessel Monitoring Software System livefleet effective daily rates