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End-to-end ship to shore data replication summary provided via concise marine reports.

Vessel office interactions and ship to shore data transfer made easy with smartPAL replication module.  Collect information, synchronize, and transfer data onboard or ashore for seamless ship to shore updates. Data is preprocessed onboard and can be customized and selected based on need from shore or vessel. Synced data is transmitted onshore via emails or as data packets, ensuring low cost data transmission. End-to-end replication summary(record details) provided via particular marine reports as packet logs or emails.

The Replication module can communicate to vessels through Maintenance script, apply corrections and get record details as per programmer needs.

Vessel – office communication made simple, fast, easy, and secure.

End-to-end data encryption. Data Protection, securing the information and preventing loss.

Fast and simple medium of data transfer.

Data synchronization happens via different medium based on the need of the user.

Replication module is compatible with any mode of data transfer.

Economical and reliable.

Flexible and customization possible based on the need of the customer.

Easy method to fetch data from vessels during network unavailability with remote access.