Maritime Digitalization – Efficient and Secure Maritime Processes and Operations

The maritime industry has always been the backbone of the global economy. Therefore, the digitalization of the maritime industry only further supports the global economy. Every day, the maritime sector connects industries and interacts with multiple sectors, both directly and indirectly. Over the course of just a year, due to the pandemic, the significance of maritime operations and the magnitude of how much it influences world trade, economy, careers, logistics, and travel was significantly underscored.

Digital solutions continually increase in necessity for the maritime industry to succeed and survive. Therefore, MariApps aims to constantly innovate maritime digitalization to provide the global shipping industry with end-to-end solutions on a cyber-secure platform. smartPAL’s data ecosystem is digitally connected within the vessel, keeping communication constant  and allowing for data to be interpreted across different systems within a single platform.

MariApps has dedicated R&D team facilitating maritime digitalization and offering secure and optimum digital solutions for ship managers and owners, this includes specific offering that protect against cyber risk. Cyber risks are only on the rise due to increased digitalization both onboard and onshore. If not mitigated, it can cause serious monetary loss and compromise vast amounts of vital data. In turn, this will force companies to cease operations for days which will disable the whole supply chain, ultimately affecting global trade. In addition, our Vessel Operations Center (24/7), satellite communications, and navigation services to ensure optimum vessel performance and to provides remote support. Decision support framework with advanced tools and techniques makes smartPAL one of the most efficient maritime digital solution suites. PAL is integrated with Business Intelligence (BI), Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), and cybersecurity.

Digitalizing the maritime industry also requires innovate solutions to ensure the maritime sector is sustainable in conducting their operations. smartPAL’s electronic record books (eRBooks) eliminates paper record books while facilitating accurate digital entries. eRBooks complies with RESOLUTION MEPC.312(74), MAROPL regulations, and Flag State requirements. Equipped with local browser-based application for onboard users, which is also communicated ashore. Each electronic record book is developed as an independent sub module in the eRBooks offerings, interfaced within existing PAL modules. eRBooks is type approved by Bureau Veritas. Having electronic log books and record books reduces carbon footprint as well as avoids human error.