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PAL’s Cybersecurity

Secure coding practices

The security of the application is ensured right from coding. The code is scrutinized for a variety of Vulnerabilities and Security Hotspots. To accomplish this, industry standard secure coding practices and leading commercial code security technologies are used.

Architected for security

The PAL architecture provides thorough features for authentication/authorization, session management, and access controls. Access to sensitive data, as well as access from external networks, are protected by numerous network layers, ensuring security while maintaining performance.

Regular vulnerability testing on product base

Every quarter, the entire PAL4 product is subjected to a full cycle of Penetration Tests and is regularly monitored to avoid any possible threats.

Dedicated cybersecurity team

The Cybersecurity team conducts independent application testing and works with clients regarding their concerns or queries to deliver the best solutions.

Proactive security updates and communication

The team constantly monitors and analyzes for new vulnerabilities and zero-day threats in the Software and Maritime domains and issues clients with timely updates and/ or advisories.