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The world relies on the maritime industry to transport 80% of essential supplies, raw materials, goods, medicine, etc. be it for households or businesses. Seafarers are the heroes, who facilitate the trade, braving the oceans day and night on vessels sailing around the world.  The issues with crew changes during the unprecedented times have left thousands of seafarers in the world,  stranded on board for months. Many are unable to reunite with family or embark on their assignments, in turn not being able to replace the crew onboard.

These various circumstances have taken a toll on seafarers’ lives during these extraordinary times. The world needs to remember the importance of seafarers and to celebrate their vital role in keeping global trade uninterrupted and running smoothly.

Seafarers are essential in running the global economy!

On any given day, nearly 1,000,000 seafarers are working on more than 500,000 large cargo vessels worldwide.

Crew change is a process that helps prevent fatigue and protect seafarers’ health, safety, and wellbeing – thereby ensuring the safe operation of vessels. Crew changes are not only essential for the health and wellbeing of seafarers themselves, but they are also vital to ensure commercial ships can continue to carry crucial supplies and goods safely and without unnecessary interruptions. Therefore, IMO encourages the governments and countries to relax on the travel restrictions for seafarers and to promote crew change.

Seafarers are the frontline warriors of the seas that make the economy stay afloat and stable amidst the COVID ‘storm’. A token of gratitude to the seafarers for their relentless resilience and contribution, the term ‘Keyworkers’ have been designated to the seafarers to ensure that they are exempted from travel restrictions and can travel to and from ships.

How MariApps helps our seafaring community digitally?

Being an innovative digital solutions company, MariApps creates maritime applications and communication platforms for seafarers to stay connected to their offices and fellow crew seamlessly. The Seafarer Portal application is a versatile application designed for the team and is used on over 1000 vessels, helping make daily operations and communication easier for over 10,000 of seafarers worldwide. The Seafarer Portal application, well-integrated with all-suite of modules, is available both available on desktop and their mobiles, help our customers and their crew to communicate efficiently and stay informed about urgent matters.

MariApps would like to honour all the seafarers worldwide and thank you for all your hard work. Wish you good health and safety on all the voyages. Ahoy!