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MariApps, the technology arm of Schulte Group, spearheads the technology advancement for companies by delivering essential applications for seafarers, ship owners, and stakeholders to stay informed and communicate with businesses from anywhere in the world. To date, MariApps has been digitalizing the maritime operations remarkably by launching a myriad of applications that drive down costs, automate tasks, saves time and improves efficiency. Driven by its commitment to develop products for the evolving user demands, MariApps keeps abreast on the most current evolutions in technology.

Available on both iOS and Android platforms, MariApp’s mobile apps are streamlined according to the market standards of today, has a futuristic interface, intuitive dashboards, tiles and notifications icons simplifying information to ease the user experience tremendously.

Here is an overview for you to know more about the mobile apps developed by MariApps:

Seafarer Portal App

Seafarer Portal Mobile App connects more than 20,000 seafarers worldwide and is a one-stop information portal for a seafarers during and after their contract period. Streamlines all crew related information and processes effortlessly, and it also alerts them about expiring documents, preventing any delays in vessel operations. This unique app with multiple features makes seafarers tasks more convenient and efficient.

LiveFleet Mobile App

The versatile app for ship owners to communicate, monitor, and track vessel in near real-time, provides information on OPEX , variance, fuel optimization, and performance. The LiveFleet app features owner specific dashboards and tiles, with options to comment and access live reports which will increase efficient reporting.

Vessel Tracker App

With the Vessel Tracker app, owners can track vessels in near real-time, with all details on critical parameters. Access and monitor information relating to the fleet of ships, vessel expenses, and the performance of ongoing voyage instantly.

Trip Planner

The PCI compliant travel management app optimizes ticketing, travel requests, and expenditure for corporate and travel agents based on the category of business functions. The app is simple and easy to configure and use. Trip Planner has integrations with GDS systems worldwide providing smooth integration.


Centralized document management system to view and access documents, articles, and forms. The user can extract desired files and search within the document itself to find the relevant information. Bookmark your favourite items or frequently searched articles for future access. Users can click on hyperlinks to access information across the organization more efficiently. 

IRT Mobile App

The latest addition to the portfolio of business apps, IRT. It is the mobile version of the existing Inspection Reporting Tool and an extension of the LPSQ laptop module. With the IRT mobile app, performing vessel inspections and audits are made easier, transparent, and efficient. The IRT app facilitates reviews with audio comments, photos, and scores for deficiencies during a vessel examination. Transferring of data within devices is quick and straightforward and can be done with Wi-Fi or even offline. 

Bringing disruption at ease or being the forerunner in digital transformation, MariApps has it all for the customers’needs. With MariApps digital solutions, stay ahead of the waves!