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smartPAL is a fully digitised, web based, mobile compliant, cloud supporting marine ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) providing end-to-end solutions to ship managers and ship owners.

SLM will be installing the following modules out of the smartPAL suite: Crewing, PMS, Purchase, Voyage, HSEQ, and Mobile Apps.

MariApps signed the contract with SLM in June 2020 and smartPAL is in the process of being installed on the vessels.

MariApps says that despite the global crisis brought about by COVID-19, training and implementation of its digital solutions have been unhindered for the most part. This was made possible due to the efforts and initiative on the part of MariApp’s staff and availability of the cloud based smartPAL/modules.

The MariApps solutions are uniquely tailored to manage vessels in the SLM fleet so that each vessel receives their ship specific data without delay. This is ensured by MariApps’ end to end project management with 24/7 support from its 500+ software developers and global marine experts.

Through MariApps’ Mobile Apps and cloud supported ERP, ship management and data management are made transparent and accessible, there is an increase in better decision making, fast implementation, elimination of human error, avoiding vessel detention, reducing unnecessary man hours, and scalability.

Sankar Ragavan, CEO of MariApps Marine Solutions, said: “We are looking forward to our partnership with Siam Lucky Marine (SLM).  With the introduction of smartPAL to their vessels, they can now maintain a single source of information for efficient maintenance Crewing, PMS, Purchase, Voyage, HSEQ, and our Mobile Apps amongst all SLM’s vessels, and offices all on one singular platform.”

MariApps’ has created a few videos describing the advantages of modules in the suite.

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