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MariApps proudly presents the newly upgraded apps for seafarers, which has undergone major modernization of its user interface and content.

The mobile app’s new, elegant, and stylish surface aims to provide the most exceptional, effortless, and seamless experience to its users, our seafarers.

The latest version has an expandable dashboard providing direct access to all our seafarers favorite activities on a single click, from date of next availability (DoA) to next assignment and relief plan, to training reservations or license & documents.

​​​​​​​While existing features, such as monthly pay slips, inhouse training reservations, and allotment requests have been upgraded, new exciting features were added to the mobile phone app, such as:

Vessel Tracker

Allows the user to search for any managed vessel and explore voyages, ship info, seafarers lists, and contact details of the vessel’s shoreside support team (FPD Manager, Fleet Personnel Officer, Marine/Technical Superintendents). Seafarers can also search for specific ports and discover which other managed vessels are calling the same port.

Pre-Joining Checklist

Company policies and related declarations can be completed by the seafarer in the comfort of their own home. Electronic acknowledgements are interfaced to Seafarer Profiles in Crewing PAL reducing manual entries and document uploads in our CSCs.


Last Appraisals

The seafarer’s last received appraisals are published via the Seafarer Portal app. Additionally, Masters and Chief Engineers can comment on their last appraisals in the app which will update the appraisal in Crewing PAL automatically.

Over 13,200 seafarers have already downloaded the application and are connecting relentlessly with their offices.

Now seafarers can enjoy using the seafarer portal app, easier than ever. Seafarers can access all their information across all their favorite devices, whenever, wherever with the one simple app.