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Driven by visionary leaders and passionate employees, MariApps is a pioneer in providing digital solutions to the marine industry.  MariApps allows users to track vessels; reduce operational risk and maximize uptime; fetch real time finance, performance and operational data to reduce operational risk and maximize uptime. It is facilitating better decision making and enabling efficient fleet management with new technology solutions, steering the industry towards a digital future.

The shipping industry is the principal means of international trade today, managing 90% of global trade. As it is an increasingly demanding industry, there are challenges to tackle, such as ensuring ship-shore connectivity, maintaining communication, managing voyages, synthesizing data, and upgrading legacy systems. This is why MariApps is a forward-looking company and is always seeking to broaden many horizons in the industry, and strive to provide world-class, comprehensive, and effective digital tools for every aspect of maritime fleet management.

Helping Maritime Businesses Embrace Emerging Technologies

Sankar Ragavan, the company’s CEO, has immense experience as an IT professional, having worked for global organizations including Jumeriah International, Bernhard Schulte Ship management (BSM) as the Corporate IT Director at BSM, and various MNC’s.

Sankar was an integral in setting up MariApps in 2014 with the vision to ease adapting and embracing emerging technologies such as data analytics, artificial intelligence, and robotics. The core team steadily researched, developed, and extended various software, newer and easier ways to share information, useful ERP and data analytics tools.

Leading the Industry with State-of-the-Art Software

MariApps’ exhaustive digital tools bring in the key knowledge and expertise to help maritime professionals succeed in an increasingly demanding business environment. smartPAL is the first of its kind ERP system for maritime fleet management today.  It is a fully digitized, cloud-supported, and mobile compliant suite for ship managers and owners to avoid overlooking critical day-to-day business activities. This is because the suite encompasses all important functions: crewing, payroll, planned maintenance, procurement, finance, HSEQ, catering, voyage, document management and insurance, on a single platform.

The suite’s centralized nature makes every aspect of maritime fleet management straightforward and therefore ensuring much more efficient ship operations. Users can better understand voyage performance and key operational data, to enable better decision-making, to improve overall efficiency and to mitigate risks. It also allows users to easily connect and network with leading banks, travel systems, and major vendors.

Additionally, MariApps offers innovative products that include:

  • LiveFleet: A single app for ship owners to monitor vital information such as fuel optimization, track vessels in near real time.
  • eConnect: An end-to-end eCommerce platform providing an easy, efficient way to process transactions and monitor exchange of goods.
  • TRIPplanner: Holistic travel management system bridging corporate companies and travel agent groups.
  • New Building: A module used to track the progress of construction and testing activities of ship construction.
  • Makers Portal: A data store of vendors and manufacturers of ship parts and machineries.
  • Plan Approval Module: A document flow control system to review and approve ship drawings.

MariApps also offers mobile apps to help users stay updated and informed on the go. Some of these functions allow users to streamline crew-related processes, inspect vessels thoroughly, and manage travel plans, payments, and certificates.

An Ever-Present Guide and Partner to Customers

The company’s main vision is to guide organizations on the digital journey, primarily through partnerships with them. Apart from their software, MariApps is renowned as a constant guide and partner to customers, guiding them through challenges with the industry’s modernization.

“If you buy our solution we will not be a vendor walking away after selling the license to you, we will stay back to overlook the complete implementation. We will come in as a partner and take over organizational change management, communication management and project management,” assures Sankar. MariApps is always available to clients, guiding them whenever needed, training them with the application which in turn will secure a profitable return on investment.

Progression Supported by Partnerships and Networking

On a mission to constantly improve, MariApps has been investing in newer, more dynamic technologies such as blockchain and Big Data to upgrade the quality of its services through partnership. MariApps strongly advocates partnerships and networking in business. Sankar says, “We have a sizeable number of partners who are helping us grow our solutions and implement them across the globe. One of our biggest partners is Microsoft. We use Microsoft technologies everywhere, including their cloud adoption, dot net platform and DevOps platform.” He adds, “We also work closely with Deloitte to ensure our system audits and securities side are fully compliant, and this is done annually.”

MariApps has also partnered with Chicago-based data transfer company ‘Binfer’, a Bangalore-based blockchain company ‘Krypcy’ and many more to systematically improve the standards of its service.

Supporting the Company’s Greatest Asset: Employees

“We are a dynamic, young, and passionate company, committed to the development of the best solutions for the industry”, say Sankar. He elaborates, “Employees are our biggest strength and our greatest assets. We have more than 450 employees across the globe. They all are loyal, committed, and working hard to ensure our customers are happy. We also provide them with great working environment good pay and benefits, flexible work hours and challenging projects.”

MariApps continually trains its employees who bring a blend of an array of expertise such as technology, shipping domain expertise, and change management. Employees are encouraged to practice the best project management standards, including the AGILE and SCRUM methodologies, to deliver quality products promptly.

Towards Newer Frontiers in Excellent Service

MariApps is  has a global presence, headquartered in Singapore, and with offices in India, Germany, UAE, France, and Cyprus, and its software runs on over 1,000 vessels today. Its global team of professionals is ever ready to help customers. As its service uplifts their business efficiency and standards, connecting seafarers, ship managers, and staff around the world, the company remains focused toward incremental improvements.

“We are entering into new domains like Travel & Insurance, which has immediate interactions with shipping industry. MariApps is currently building a digital platform, combining data from smartPAL ERP and telemetry data, this will take us through the next level of digital platform, enabling new process in ship management,” concludes Sankar.