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A complete and comprehensive maritime ERP

Pal 3 is a marine ERP software utilized by ship managers and ship owners. With Pal 3 you access all your critical data in one place, enabling your organization to achieve its targeted performance and profitability.

Business Modules


The accounting function is an integral part of any organisation. Accounts PAL is a multiuser, multicurrency and multi company business accounting software, strongly coupled with other core modules like Purchase, Crewing and Payroll.

In accounting module ‘Master chart of accounts’ for the whole group or company can be defined, it covers all activities from the time a vessel enters the management till it leaves. The valid accounts applicable to each owner can be defined under entity group. These basic features in the module allows booking of all the expenses under predefined account codes irrespective of the owner budget allocations, while at the same time generate reports as per owner charts. The customer web access is another application that provides powerful portal for owners to monitor and engage in the ship’s management.

  • Applicable accounts for each entity can be defined
  • Customizable owner presentation charts defined per entity
  • Budgeting
  • Setting up a new vessel entity in the system based on the owner contract
  • Invoicing the client/owner (Accounts receivable)
  • Processing the received invoices (Accounts payable)
  • Ageing analysis reports (AR/AP)
  • Monitoring vessel expenses and owner cash position
  • Direct banking transaction interfaces
  • Detailed BI reports for supplier and client

Crewing is the heart of all ship management processes, and managing people is the most important task, on and off the vessel. The Crewing Module offers all crew management activities on board and ashore. This module can function alone as well as integrating with other PAL 3 modules such as New Applicant, Ticketing, Payroll and Accounts.

  • A complete module to record and efficiently manage seafarer’s profile and activities’
  • In built pre join checkings including documents, experience matrix, logistics etc.
  • Training & Competency management
  • Graphical module for resource forecasting and seafarer planning
  • Enriched with sub modules like applicant portal, seafarer portal, work hour rest hour planning and tracking module, Logistics, Payroll and vessel module connected at multiple points from crewing module for easy user access
  • Work flow based approval cycles that are highly customizable
  • Configurable assessment reports, letters, crew list formats, cv formats and check lists
  • 365 days activity tracking of seafarer which supports contract based employment and permanent employment

The Payroll Module is a sophisticated payroll processing system for the on-board crew. The module is extremely versatile in managing multi-user, multi-currency transactions, and payroll calculations. Payroll implements functions like payroll calculation, allotment processing, payroll charges reporting, and management report generation. Payroll Module is able to calculate the monthly payroll for both salary and fee based seafarers and the setup can be customized based on requirements. The module is linked with Crewing from where the earnings of each crew member are inter-faced into the payroll calculation based on assigned contracts. The module is also linked with Accounts to prepare automatic interfaced transactions for the wages. In addition, the Allotment Module is also interfaced with the accounts Module, to allow for the preparation of accounting entries and the ability to export to various e-banking systems for payment.

  • Salary and Fee based payroll processing
  • Monthly inputs, shipboard deductions entered through the vessel module
  • Personalised allotment processing
  • Payroll charges reporting
  • Pay-slip generation on the vessel module
  • Interfaces with Crewing and Accounting modules in PAL ERP
Planned Maintenance System

PMS PAL focuses on implementing the key maintenance processes central to apply the maintenance strategy for any vessel. To achieve this PMS PAL delivers the tracking of assets, assemblies and parts associated with the vessel installation. The DNV GL type approved product can be configured according to Manufacturers /Class requirements. The module possesses features which include pre-planning and scheduling of jobs containing the cost and time projections. The pre-planning capability embraces the resource planning, time, and spares planning and plays a critical role in inventory management based on predictive and preventive maintenance routines. Tracking due jobs and reporting of completion will help the user to visualise and plan maintenance effectively on board. The drill down provided in the due jobs helps user to aim directly at when a job needs to be rescheduled or postponed and job completion can be tracked and approved effectively. Job history can be successfully tracked with all associated images and forms, which provide an audit trail during inspections and statutory surveys.

  • DNV GL type certified.
  • PMS Data building utilities
  • Equipment data management
  • Job plan creation
  • Scheduling of planned jobs
  • Execution of jobs
  • Ordering spare parts and items
  • Maintenance completed and overdue analysis
  • Condition Based Maintenance Data (CBMD) associated with the asset

Purchase PAL is a comprehensive inventory and procurement management system. The system integrates with the on-board modules enabling seamless data flow through the planned maintenance and accounting applications providing a powerful platform for tracking stock levels, forecasting spares demand, planning job managing vessel budgets and tracking vendor turnover. The Purchase PAL is ready to integrate with the third party Business-To-Business (B2B) platforms and Vendor ERP system. Purchase PAL has been foreseen to provide a platform, which brings in visibility of inventory management and procurement of spares and stores.

  • Managing technical expenses against vessel budgets
  • Optimising inventory based on reorder levels, forecasted consumption and lead time days
  • Vendor management.
  • Processing Enquiries and Quotations. B2B ready.
  • Comparing and approving quotations
  • Issuing, tracking and approving purchase orders
  • Issuing and tracking service orders
  • Tracking goods deliveries
  • Registering and approving invoices

Voyage module allows ship owners, managers and charterers to track vessels’ performance, fuel consumption and position on a daily basis. Your office can closely monitor the performance of the vessels and configure alert settings based on which technical managers will get auto generated emails from the module in case of any deviation.

  • Voyage Performance.
  • Forward port call schedules.
  • Provision to register logs at various stages e.g. Sea-Noon, BOSP, EOSP, etc.
  • Various types of Event logs.
  • Bunker & Cargo operations.
  • Trend line for Speed, Consumption, R.P.M. Power, Slip.
  • In-built vessel position tracking.
  • Performance module to track operational efficiency of main engines and generators.

Drydock PAL is a sophisticated dry dock processing and management system that integrates with the operations in dry dock.

All the necessary functionalities required for drydock jobs are implemented in this system and this offers you one standardized method for Drydock planning.

It permits transfer of regular maintenance jobs to Drydock, Identification of suitable Drydock, budgeting, effective monitoring and detailed analysis of the Drydock project.

  • Seamless integration with PAL PMS and PURCHASE modules
  • Full workflow from defect jobs tracking to dry dock specification building
  • Generate specification and invitation to tender
  • Direct access for yards through web module for entering quotation
  • Multi-Currency tender and quote comparison features
  • Yard firm stemming and generation of Purchase Orders
  • Job planner and completion of tracking tools
  • Daily operational and financial progress reporting
  • Project report compilation

The Insurance and Claims module is a comprehensive claims handling, reporting, and operational analysis tool. This module provides a reliable and efficient way to record and process all types of ship management related claims. Claim review, approval, and claim process status control options in the module enforce the handlers to follow standardised claim handling throughout the offices. This module integrates with the accounts module to derive the outstanding claim amounts instantly, and generates claims statements to process the claim in a short time.

The module integrates with the crewing module to produce crew lists, doctor visits, and medical history of the crew. Graphs, dashboards, and drilldown facilities in the module assist in analysing sensitive operational and cost eff effective areas. This module provides a full record of each claim, from claim initiation until the final reimbursement by the insurer.

  • Creating Policy Settings
  • Management of Incident details
  • Expenditures & Payments management
  • Claim Statements & Covering letter generation
  • Identifying non-accepted Items/ Cost
  • Day-to-day claims process Status update
  • Claim Review & Approval
  • Multiple reports to analyse data
  • Multi-company and User Friendly
Quality Document Management System

QDMS is a ship-shore integrated module that allows the company to reduce the administrative burden of document management. The system provides shipping companies the mechanism to establish and implement common, efficient policies and operating procedures across the fleet and organization, and distribute best practices, thus enhancing safety and efficient operation on the vessels.

QDMS is an efficient central system for management and maintenance of different documentation including safety management manuals, quality management manuals, technical documents, rules and regulations etc. on shore and at sea.

  • Flexible structure to suit document management needs for various sizes of shipping company, with global or local offices.
  • Supports all document types – policies, procedures, forms, manuals, safety advisory notes etc. internal or external documents. Efficient workflow for document creation, revision, review, approval and publishing.
  • Full document management control throughout the document life-cycle e.g. version control, and archiving.
  • Full document controls throughout document life-cycle e.g. versioning, archiving
  • User-friendly, powerful and efficient document search facilities E.g. full text or refined search, result list with document preview.
  • Efficient replication of documentation from shore to vessels

LiveFleet is a central platform to deliver online information to owners and customers, on a 24x7 basis, anytime, anywhere. LiveFleet delivers complete up-to-date information and reports on the owner’s vessels. LiveFleet helps to enhance the work-flow and interaction with owners in line with business processes. Online information to owners provides transparency and confidence in the ship management services. LiveFleet offers online information to customers covering all aspects of the vessels including Crewing, Technical, PMS, Financial/Budgets, and Operations. LiveFleet is a key component of the PAL 3 ship management ERP system, with full integration of related modules. It employs the latest Microsoft web technologies and utilizes the same platform as PAL 3. LiveFleet is extremely user-friendly, easy to navigate, accessible anywhere on the web with substantial security protection.

  • Customizable to owner requirement
  • Dashboard – Highlight, summary and alerts of key vessel information, including brief crew list, fleet list, key vessel particulars, recent published or uploaded reports and owner/manager comments
  • Vessel Tracker – position tracking (current and past) and information on Bing maps
  • Crewing – full crew information including crew list (current and history), planned seafarers, crew CV with sea service and documents e.g. travelling, certificates of competence, courses/certificates
  • Financial/Accounts reports – vessel variance reports with drill-downs on actual, outstanding orders, and invoice details. Profit and loss reports, trial balance reports, and balance sheet reports are available.
  • PMS/Purchase - Maintenance analysis/statistics on a rolling 12 month basis, including monthly outstanding %, due jobs (critical/non critical), completed jobs, with drill-down options to the job details. Equipment running hours and history, postponed jobs list, critical spares/spare parts list, and stock reports.
  • Technical reports – full repository of all reports submitted to owners including technical inspections, safety and quality compliance visits, dry-docking reports, quarterly reports etc.
  • Noon reports/voyage performance – engine RPM / speed / fuel oil consumption slip graph for specified period, with noon report records
  • Vessel certificates and related survey status and documents
  • Operational reports
  • Comments feature available on all reports, reducing email exchanges on clarifications/questions
  • Email alerts in case of any new comments and on publishing new reports.

An advanced business analytics tool for visualisation of data.PAL BI can simplify and analyze large data from rest of the modules. Creates business insights with customizable and interactive dashboards and reports for decision making. PAL BI provides alluring reports, charts and graphs with your complex data, that are accessible from web and mobile devices.

  • Provides snapshots on important information for data from mulitple locations
  • Monitor vessels for a particular office with drill down facility
  • Study variance in cost and related factors with office to vessel level analysis.
  • Monitor fleet wide performance
  • Navigate to PAL system from actionable reports.
LPSQ: Loss Prevention Safety and Quality

PAL 3 LPSQ module covers all aspects of quality management system processes. It ensure the compliance requirement of a vessel is taken care. Non-conformities from audits, near misses, inspections, accidents, work orders etc. are highlighted to take action.

  • Complete integrated system for reporting, analysis, follow-up of any inspections, audits, near-misses & accidents, findings and non-conformities, internal or external, or of different origins.
  • Near Miss/Accident reporting by vessel and follow-up within the system
  • Monitoring & follow-up of findings & NC's till closure and action by both office & vessel
  • Identify and assess findings/NC with root cause analysis
  • A rich set of reporting's and dashboard tool for analysis, monitoring and management controls
  • Integrated inspection reporting tool for efficient report preparation, approval and submission (e.g. external customers)
  • Questionnaire bank based on industry (SIRE/CDI VIQ etc.) and customizable requirement, flexible in structuring for different reporting purpose
  • Audit & Inspection Planner - scheduling and control inspection, vessel visit and audit activities across the fleet and the company
  • System available in office, on board, on shore (any where) as well as on superintendent's laptop, with seamless data synchronization
  • Full integration with other PAL modules e.g. crew, insurance, QDMS, PMS/Purchase

The Catering Module provides ship owners and ship managers with comprehensive on-board catering services. The menu planning is a concept to help the master simplify the process on-board, along with the help of the chief cook, and to auto-generate provision requisitions. Menu master also collates on-board costs and ensures that the planning is in line within the vessel’s budget.

  • Detailed menu planning
  • Calorie tracking for every menu planned
  • Multi-cuisine menus built-in
  • Complete purchase cycle
  • Personalised reports
  • Generate provision requests
  • Food cost management

Preventing fatigue continues as a high priority for regulators, in order to safeguard maritime safety and the protection of the seafarer’s welfare. SeaRoster manages the on-board requirements for compliance with crew work and rest hour regulations. (STCW 2010, ILO MLC, US OPA 90, and OCIMF recommendations). The software closely monitors any repeat deficiencies and adjusts future working routines on-board to prevent excessive working hours and reduce fatigue on-board. SeaRoster can act as a standalone module but can also be integrated to other core modules, which provide most of the input for this module. The Crewing Module, for example, transfers the crew list and the vessel details, while the voyage plan is provided by the Voyage module. The overtime calculations can be directly integrated from SeaRoster to Accounts.

  • Work hour – Rest hour tracking, based on global guidelines
  • Management of individual and bulk schedules
  • Provision of schedule templates
  • Integration with accounts module for overtime calculations
  • Integration with crewing module for various seafarer related details

Chartering module – A module for charterers to manage the entire pre-fixture part of vessel employment. It is a shore specific module, with no vessel component.

  • Charterers can set hire rates for vessels, pool types and manage contracts
  • Maintain vessel employment details, including charter party details, broker details, broker commissions, address commissions and cost templates.
  • Track vessel availability, delivery and redelivery status
  • Track voyage schedules and update charterers
  • Track voyage results (hire & off-hire status of the vessel).
  • Reconcile owner and charterer expenses.
  • Generate invoices (Connected to Accounts module)
  • Chartering reports

Ticketing complements the crewing function to create travel requests and track them from a single place. Now, without having to switch between applications, any user can send travel requests from PAL 3. The Ticketing executive can track each one of them, raise ticketing options, and process them. It also provides management with reports that provide insight into travel spends, destinations, and other key points of interest.

  • Create new travel requests
  • Integration with the crewing and accounting modules
  • Monitor and track all travel requests
  • Future integration to reservation systems
  • Generation and processing of travel bills