MariApps Racing ahead to comply with EU MRV standards!

The European regulation 2015/757 on the monitoring, reporting and verification of carbon dioxide emission from maritime transport is a first step towards cutting greenhouse gas emissions from maritime transport. The EU requires operators of ship exceeding 5,000 GT to monitor and report their carbon emissions and transport work on all voyages to, from and between EU ports. Objective of the regulation is to gain a better understanding of fuel consumption and CO2 emissions from shipping activities within Europe.

MariApps PAL 3 Voyage application is designed for data collection and reporting required for EU MRV and is fully aligned with the recommendations of class. PAL 3 streamlines the data collection and distribution among vessels. Its’ simple and easy implementation leads to high data quality and easy-to-achieve MRV compliance, benefitting the ship owners to be better equipped to take decisions on major investments and finance. Now start monitoring and reviewing vessel data on per voyage basis and achieve full insight on the entire fleet.